Now there is also a thirty nine foot version of the Shearwater design!

We added an other foot to have a scoop. and widen the cockpit aft to allow wheel steering, and choose for double rudders. Aluminium construction and lifting keel read more


The new Atlantic 40 is sailing.

The new model floats between her older sisters! read more


The Northern Comfort 44 is standing right side up!

At the Koopmans yard in Sneek the Northern Comfort 44 is taking shape. read more


Italian Grey Hound launched

After Finishing near her home port The Italian Grey hound was launched. read more


Now Sailing!

Mutiara Laut completed first voyage under sail. read more


Aluminium and lifting keel

My Northern Comfort 43 design offers again a different keel layout, this time a lifting one. read more


Greyhound revival

After Uwe Röttgering's epic voyage around the globe with FanFan, the Greyhound has had a revival read more



Several years ago we designed this alum. cutter with classic lines for a Swedish customer who had some serious ocean cruising in the planning read more


Opus 45

This season saw the OPUS 45 hit the water. This powerboat was 'invented and styled' by her owner, the former ofshore sailor Wytse van der Zee, as before we did the naval architectural part of the project read more



After a few years of diligent work in fitting out his van Waveren built hull, Jan Vink enjoyed his first sailing trips. read more



The preliminary design of the Kestrel is finished. Lines plan started. The Kestrel is a Ultra-fast cruising yacht with water-ballast and a lifting keel. read more



We changed the name of the good old Puffin (a design we made back in 1987) to Swift read more


Red Lion

An american client asked us to rescale the drawings of the 'Red Lion which is her self already a 48' scaled down version of a 16th century Dutch East India man. read more