Custom yacht design

Dick Zaal Yacht Design is able to turn your dreams into a real boat. To make this happen, roughly the following steps are taken:
Owners Specification The first task is actually taken by the prospective boat owner by create his/her list of goals, specifications and wishes of the vessel. These specifications can vary since they are based on very personal issues and wishes like the rough measurement, the number of berths, material, building and operational budgets etc etc.

Design Proposal

Our first job in the project is to understand the preliminary owners specification and to provide the client a detailed outline for creating the design in our design proposal, including:

  • A sketch general plan
  • A written outline of the design process. A list of needed drawings and documents. An estimate for the design work which is required in order to create the design, incl. the necessary calculations, detail plans and drawings.
  • A proposal of the contract, showing the instalments, delivery dates and further details.


Estimating plans

  • The preliminary plan showing:
  • Interior Profile and Arrangement
  • Structural Arrangement.
  • Deck view
  • Exterior profile and Sail plan
  • Preliminary Weight Study
  • Preliminary Power and Range Analysis
  • Preliminary Hydrostatics Analysis
  •  List of Boat Builders Suited to the Project
  •  Designer’s Cover Letter to Builders
  •  Sample Owner’s ‘Request for Quotes’ Letter to Builders
  • The size of the boat governs the amount of sections shown.

Building plans

  • Lines Drawing. Computer files for plotting the full size sections. Interior Profile and Arrangement: The vessel’s accommodations. Sectional Views: Structure and interior joinery sections. Deck Plan: all hard ware such as hatches, fittings, winches and anchor gear. Sail a Profile Plan. Spar Plan.
  • Block and Rigging List Construction Plan hull. Construction Plan deck and superstructure. Various Structural Details as needed
  • Rudder Shape and Construction. Ballast Shape and Construction. Interior Joinery Details as required Engine Installation as Required
  • Specifications in a Word file.