She is a Northern Comfort 44 too!

This time a classic under water body without frills! read more


Art in metal

The Atlantic 40MKII is taking shape, parts have to match perfectly. read more


Atlantic fills gab in range

A new 40 ft aluminium center boarder is now under construction. read more


A yet unnamed ZeeVink launched in Lelystad.

With family and friends we all gathered for the christening of the latest zeevink. We all splashed some champagne on her, but there is still something missing, she unnamed! read more


Northern Comfort 53

Allowing you to have a peek over my shoulder: read more


A classic in the modern way

This week we celebrated the first step of the building of the Int. 8 mtr clone of which we made the lines- and sail plan. The frames were put in place and offering an impression of the shape of the hull. read more


The NorthernComfort range extends further.

Northern Comfort 44 This time the customizing our NC43 was so extensive that a new name was chosen. read more


Classic Racer

In a time where slab sided boats without much overhangs are so common, it's a pleasure to design a classic yacht maintaining the grandeur of an age gone by. read more


Taking shape

About two weeks ago the spars has been placed on Mutiara Laut read more


Mutiara Laut

Emergencing out of chaos. read more


Fan Fan! 3rd in Ostar

Congratulations for Uwe as he managed to reach a podium place in the recent O-Star Trans Atlantic race. read more


Recent exploits of the Fulmar 38 `Fram`

A remarkable voyage was made this summer by Ed Megens and his ‘Fram”. Sailing single handed to Spits Bergen under less than favorable conditions in sometimes strong winds from averse directions, read more